Wow. What just happened…? You know how time just seems to fly when you are experiencing a lot of new things? That’s how we feel about this week.

It all started with the shoot for our ESC “postcard” (basically an introduction video that will be used in the contest). On Monday we flew straight from Zurich to Porto, Portugal. Once arrived we were immediately met by the lovely filming crew. We felt an instant good vibe and could not wait to begin the collaboration. But first there was actually time to walk around Porto and experience the culture. We fell in love. The people, the buildings, the history, the old doors and patterns...many patterns. (Not sure if you know this but Stee is a huge pattern fan) And last but not least: So. Many. Ice-Cream shops. Big fans of those. So feel free to send us patterns or Ice-Cream recipes any day! 

After a good night’s sleep, aka some time for Coco to digest 4 flavors of Ice Cream, we woke up early for our first day of shooting. It was actually raining almost all day which made it challenging to film, but the wonderful team made it work. Overall there were two highlights of this day and I’m not sure what order is appropriate but I’m going to start with this: A helicopter flight. Yes, a helicopter. And not to mention Coco’s FIRST ever flight on one of those!! It was truly breathtaking and such a treat. We are grateful for all these amazing opportunities already. And we are also grateful for bird poop. Yep. Bird poop is the official second highlight of the day. Coco’s Onkai hat was having a rough day as it is during the day because the wind made it super hard to keep on her head and then a bird decided to relieve itself on it as well. But no need to worry you guys. I looked it up. It’s a sign of good luck. So, I thank that bird, that bird was a Zibbzter for sure. :)

The second day of shooting was a little less eventful but not any less beautiful and rainy. We ended it with a quick shot at the beach in Porto and the sun came out just in time for an amazing sunset. 

Overall these days in Portugal were spent with Stee learning as much Portuguese as he could (so far one sentence, but it’s a good one) and Coco updating the socials to keep in touch with all of YOU. 

On Thursday we flew out to LONDON for the first Pre-Show!! Once we landed we went straight to a press center. Which…what even IS a press center? We certainly didn’t know. But we were met there with a lot of press, influencers and most importantly: some other contestants. Which was great to finally meet them in person. After giving some interviews and meeting a lot of people that know much more about the Eurovision than we do and being able to learn from them, it was time to head to the sound check. It went well and we felt ready for the show. Now here’s some quick reality about being a live musician: things can go wrong. So many things in fact could go wrong. But this time it was the in-ears (which allows singers to hear themselves) that were not working, meaning Coco was unable to hear herself sing the entire song. THE ENTIRE SONG. To say that that is less than ideal is an understatement. Unlucky. I mean, where is that Zibbzter bird when you need it? Anyway, thanks to all of the beautiful people in the room who were singing along, it actually was all fine in the end. Stressful, but fine. That's Lif(v)e! ;) And in general it was so fun to perform for all of your beautiful faces. It was a dream and we can’t wait to do it again in Israel. 

We had a fantastic time in London, we got to perform, meet some of our personal favorite acts of this year, got to give a lot of fun interviews (one of them was with BBC, which we were incredibly honored to be asked for) and we even got the cutest presents from some of the fans outside. We can’t thank you all enough!!! Now back to Switzerland for a staging rehearsal and then right back on the plane to Israel.

See you there


Zibbz & Team

this blog is written by SabrinaKern


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