Let’s start this off with a huge THANK YOU to all of you who are supporting us, following us on our journey and especially to those magical unicorns of you who are creating FanArt for us!! We LOVE seeing them. Simply amazing creations. And can we take a moment to talk about the fact that there is a video out there of a CAT singing stones? Holy smokes. That’s special. Even for us dog people. So, thank you! And keep them coming. We will try to share as many as possible on Instagram of course. Here’s a few of our favorites:

This week we filmed our ONETAKE for «Stones» ...for those of you who didn’t know us before the Eurovision times…we used to do this thing called OneTake Mondays. That means every week, we filmed an entire song, either one of our own or a cover, in ONE single TAKE. The instruments and voices are always recorded live. Obviously, we don’t just perform it in a regular/boring way. No. We try to come up with some unique way to reinvent the songs. How do we do this you ask? Well, for our most popular one we used fruits instead of instruments for example. That one actually got over half a million views on Facebook and close to 2 thousand shares! I guess the cool kids would say we went viral? 

The Stones OneTake was not going to be an exception to our rule. The brainstorming began. Stee had the brilliant idea to have some of the instruments “fly” to us. Easy, right? From every direction, even above. Manageable, right? He then also had the idea to throw some of the instruments back “up in the air”?  piece.of.cake, right? He THEN also had the idea to add in the red holi powder again falling from the sky. Suuuper chill, right? (it’s not like we weren't still sneezing red powder ever since the first shoot) :D

Well, he won. Because let’s face it…those ideas ARE pretty cool. And thanks to the help of our lovely roommates (our partners and Carlo) we made it happen. Carlo was on the roof with multiple instruments, Yves filmed and threw instruments. Sabrina started sound, threw instruments and held the keys up for coco to play in the chorus. Sometimes she was too late because she was staring at coco and fangirling. (I can say this because I AM her…writing this) But you can’t blame me. Who WOULDN’T fangirl for coco? 

We will share the final video with you at some point later this week. Keep an eye out for it on our socials! For now we are going to share some older ones that we really like. 

Later in the week came the time for packing. Now, if you think filming a OneTake was a struggle…packing was infinitely harder. Trying to fit everything you want to potentially wear for a gig or red carpet or just a dinner for a few months is difficult. I’ll just let this picture do the talking:


We are so incredibly excited for this journey ahead of us. We are going to film our ESC introduction video in Portugal at the beginning of this week and from what we’ve heard from that shoot…it’s going to be a LOT of fun. After that we are heading to LONDON for our first pre-show!!! We finally get to meet some of YOU!! All we can try to do at this point is to enjoy every minute of this madness, breathe and share our music with the world. We cannot wait and we are on our way to YOU!

Until next week, ZIBBZ & Team

this blog is written by SabrinaKern

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