Another week – another adventure! This week’s adventure was…you guessed it…ISRAEL!

But to get to Israel you have to travel and to travel as ZIBBZ you have to travel with your sibling. Duh. While it’s fair to say that Coco is a pretty well-rounded and organized traveller, Stee can be just a tad more special to travel with: Coco was finding the gate to board the plane. Where was Stee? Oh, you know just wearing a VR headset. Coco was working on Social Media during the flight. Where was Stee? Drumming on the seat in front of him happy as a clam. Or sleeping, also happy as a clam. Coco was admiring the culture of Israel. Where was Stee? Oh you know, just playing an oversized harp. 


When we first arrived in Israel we pretty much immediately headed for a walk on the beach. Not too many of those in Switzerland so that was a treat. Later we quickly got ready for the first red carpet. All of us were taken to the red carpet in a bus and each act waited in the bus to get called to walk the carpet. They went in alphabetical order…needless to say we really had some time to enjoy that bus. And we did. We had a blast with the rest of the waiting acts and spent most of the time playing HEADS UP. Do you guys know that app? It’s invented by Ellen Degeneres and it’s a life saver for any party, family Christmas, funeral, doctor’s office, waiting in line at Disneyland or waiting on a bus with all the Eurovision acts. An app for many occasions. Throughout the entire Israel time we kept playing it together actually and we MIIIGHT even put out a funny compilation video soon? Comment below to let us know if that’s something you would like to see. But enough with this commercial break for HEADS UP (we do not get paid for this btw..although Ellen..we’d LOVE to be the faces of any future heads up commercials. Just saying)

Once we got called to walk the carpet they played our song and we couldn’t help but feel like rockstars. Hearing your own song getting played anywhere is still pretty surreal overall and it’s weird to imagine that that feeling will ever go away. I guess we’d have to ask Beyoncé. (If you’re reading this: text us girl - we’d love to know). Later, we had the pleasure to watch some previous Israeli Eurovision artists perform and even met the diva herself; Dana International. 


The next day was no joke. This day was planned out perfectly and boy are we grateful for all the things we got to see and experience. Amongst our stops that day were: Mount of Olives, City of David (where they are STILL digging up treasures!!) and the Western Wall. It was all incredibly interesting. We also stopped for lunch where they had a DJ that was just a little too good at his job and we all decided to make a dance party out of our lunch break…as I’m sure you’ve seen on many Instagram stories. The entire day was so culturally impressive and filled with many magical moments. We saw places that we might not have been able to see otherwise and are so grateful for that! PLUS. Without being dramatic here, we made true friends. This Eurovision community already feels like family and we are sure that those relationships are going to go way further than this competition.

Then the last day of our Israel time came around. Our performance day actually started with the annual tree planting ritual for the Eurovision Song Contest. Planting a tree requires some water right? Well the heavens knew that because it was raining the entire time we were there. That didn’t keep us from having fun of course. As Game of Thrones fans we took the most Game of Thrones looking contestant (Rasmussen) and filmed that little winter is coming video that you might have seen on our Instagram. And if you haven’t seen it. Go check it out here. (verlinkt mit insta) After successfully planting the tree we quickly headed back to the hotel to wash the mud off our clothes and faces, got changed and headed straight to the gig. And that’s where we met so many of you!!! Thank you for being so wonderful. This was the biggest audience that ZIBBZ ever got to perform for. 20 K people in the audience as well as 200K live stream audience..so that was pretty epic. So epic that we didn’t even realize that all the lights and screens went out for our performance. JAnother fun fact about that night: There was a misunderstanding shortly before the show where Coco told Stee she won’t walk on stage until the music starts this time and Stee somehow missed that (or was playing an oversized harp again) so when Coco didn’t immediately walk out with him he improvised and started beat boxing. But we think that was a pretty good answer to that situation right? 

We hope you enjoyed the show, we know we did!! And thanks for calling Israel…don’t hesitate to call us again anytime. We will answer.


Quick update on the clothing front btw: We’ve been working on/crafting our stage outfit with the Onkai hats & belt team. Its already looking badass!


Read all about our Amsterdam Adventure here in the next blog !!
Also, can someone come help us with the mountains of washing we have accumulated?! 

Until next week,
Zibbz & Team

this blog is written by SabrinaKern