We would like to start off by taking a moment to honor the memory of Lys Assia who was the first to ever win the Eurovision Song Contest. What a force she was, and we will continue to hold her in our hearts and hope to make her proud with the performance in May. Our sincere condolences go out to her beloved ones. Thank you for your soul & music Lys Assia.

This week was all about the actual performance for the ESC - we worked on our STAGING. Obviously, this is a huge part of the show as those of you know that have ever watched ESC. Since February 4th (the day we won the Swiss selection) we have watched countless, and I mean COUNTLESS videos of Eurovision performances. To get inspired, to see what we like and what is possible!! (..like a dancing monkey! wow. but also - why? :) )

It all comes down to this: We want to stay true to who WE are, to our b(r)and ZIBBZ. And we found the perfect show director for this. He comes from the world of Rock’n’Roll and is all.about.the.MUSIC. No flashy stuff. He flew out to LA for what was essentially one day, and we booked a dance studio for that day. All he wanted us to do is to perform the song over and over again and ideas started flowing immediately. 

We won‘t reveal too much about what our staging is going to look like but we concluded that we want to highlight the MUSIC. That’s what it’s all about. And we don’t want to distract from that. However, another huge part of making it work is the movement of the cameras (something we have not had to be concerned about so far) as well as the lighting. This is why it is so valuable to have an amazing Team with us that knows exactly what to expect.  We are beyond grateful.

More rehearsals with said team are going to take place in April and May, until then we rehearse by ourselves in front of our stuffed animals and dogs. Best audience ever. 

Photo by Tomo Muscionico

Photo by Tomo Muscionico

Speaking of rehearsing we are also getting ready for all the pre-shows in Europe in April - we cannot wait to go out there and meet this lovely community!! We are confirmed to play in London, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Madrid. Are you practicing the lyrics yet? We want to hear you, perform WITH you! To make this a little easier on you we even put up a karaoke version of "Stones".

Styling wise we are starting to puzzle the pieces together. We thankfully had a lot of wonderful humans reaching out to us and offering their advice and help. Guess who we had to hold back from buying too many pairs of shoes though? If you think it‘s Coco - think again. 


Overall this week has definitely felt like the calm before the storm. And with „calm“ I do not mean we weren‘t busy because we surely were but our ESC pre-show tour is coming up in a few days and looking at the schedule for that we get nervous/ excited butterflies in our stomachs….scratch that, not butterflies, more like dragons. 

See you out there 

xxxx Zibbz & Team

this blog is written by SabrinaKern