Another week – another blog – another list of things we got done for our preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. I think we are getting the hang of this you guys! It’s starting to become second nature to think of ourselves as a bRand and not just a band. Because that’s what it comes down to…as an artist (actor, musician, painter…you name it) there will always come a point where you need to start viewing your art as a brand and through the preparations for the ESC we are understanding that more and more.

So what did we do for our brand/band this week? We created a press kit, we finished and revamped our song (basically the CORE of our brand), we played a show in LA and we started defining our LOOK.

Press kit
Whenever we release something like an album, a single or playing a big show like ESC there will be more interest from the media. And guess what? They like pictures! :) Because imagine how boring the papers and magazines would be without pictures. But in order for them not to have to use pictures of us ca 2003 with bad haircuts and even worse sense of style (guys, there’s some older pictures out there…that are…let’s say.. Special!) while we embrace our older pictures we do like presenting new ones that represent us NOW. Therefore, we took an entire day with Tomo Muscionico, a fantastic photographer friend of ours here in LA (who is Swiss as well) and we shot hundreds of pictures for our press kit. View the selection below and let us know what your favorites are!! Btw, the hardest part is going through that many pictures of your own face and trying to figure out the good ones!

As some of you might know the song “Stones” is produced by Stee and Herman Gardarfve. Herman is from Sweden so he flew in for three days to finish and revamp the song with us. We decided to do this work in our own home-studio (where by the way our entire album was produced). Check out the picture below. We are quite proud of our little creative space. Those three days with Herman were definitely loooong days where we all needed lots and lots of caffeine but in the end, we are super proud of the outcome and the revamp of Stones. Do you guys like it? Can you tell what changed?





Show in LA
Let’s face it…the best part about being a musician is getting to share what you do and play a show. We played one on Thursday night at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood and it was a blast. Thank you everyone so much for coming out – it was a great turnout and just amazing vibes in that space.
We actually decided to show everyone our video for stones. We simply brought a huge white canvas that we found in our garage, held it up on stage with our own hands and projected the video on to it. It worked. Who needs fancy screens? Not us ! :)

Our look
On our pre-ESC tour in April and in Portugal we are going to be “out and about” a lot. Meaning...people will see us on quite a few occasions and there might even be cameras here and there. This also means we can’t get away with wearing the same three shirts every day. And aren’t we all guilty of that? How many things in our closets do we really wear am I right? So, in a nutshell: we are looking for outfits. We have gone to many thrift shops and already found a bunch of GREAT pieces. At the same time we are trying to partner up with a few brands we love to promote them too! If you know anyone that knows clothes or if you know a good brand that might be interested let us know. Tweet us! Message us! We are open for suggestions!!

Thanks for all the support, the love on Instagram, Twitter, everywhere – we love you!

Until next week,
ZIBBZ & team

this blog is written by SabrinaKern

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