It was great reading all your feedback after our last blog post – thank you so much for that. It’s been some crazy weeks since then!! We shot our music video for “Stones” and we are so excited to be able to share with you today. I think it’s safe to say that we are proud of the outcome. 

But we are jumping the gun a little bit by talking about the outcome here because obviously the music video wasn’t just a magical unicorn that appeared out of nowhere. Although that does sound great..?

Here’s what happened leading up to it:
Of course it all started with a lot of brainstorming…sometimes a little heavy on the brain and at times it felt more like …just a storm. After hours upon hours of meetings and skype talks and more meetings we had plenty of ideas but mostly knew that we a) really wanted to convey that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to bullying and b) that we wanted the video to feel like “us”, meaning, our style, our “vibe”, our music, our souls. Because that’s what it’s all about right? So after looking at different ideas and pitches we fleshed out one treatment. Thankfully we’re lucky to have the A-team with us, lead by our fearless directors Simon Steuri and Viet Dang who we’ve worked with several times before. 

Next we got into the actual planning. We produced this ourselves, which means we had to location scout, organize all the talent for the video, choose costumes, buy props, etc etc. Since we worked with Holi powder it was quite the adventure to try and figure out how to use Holi powder and … to only get the things red you want to get RED. We are still dusting off the powder as we speak…it. Is. Everywhere. ☺

AND THEN IT WAS HERE..the day of the shoot. We got up early, loaded the van and drove out to Studios60 downtown LA. After an hour and a half of set up time we started filming. The first two hours were mostly performance shots from every possible angle. At noon we had our background talent come in, aka all of our best friends in LA (thanks again so much for being there!!). For the Holi powder scenes the boys set up an entire tent (see below) so that the red powder wouldn’t get everywhere.. (it still did) But it was quite the set up!! Watch our little making of video here:

Photos provided by Adrian Bretscher, Tomo Muscionico, Alex Lake, and my phone ;)

Let me tell you.. the day flew by…even though it was a 15 hour day.. and by the end we were all incredibly exhausted and incredibly happy. Before going home to hop into the shower for 3724871 hours we rewarded ourselves with some Thai food (and scared all the other costumers away with our red faces). We are thrilled to share this journey with you and are looking forward to hearing your feedback. 

We would like to thank everyone again for coming out and being a huge part of our most important music video yet and especially our “A-Team”:

Simon Steuri // Director
Jonathan Sandford // DP
Alex Lake // Orange Grove Avenue
Viet Dang // Co-Director&Choreographer
Sabrina Kern // First Assistant Director&Actor
Yves Nicollier // Technical Assistant


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