This will be our weekly space to update you all on our road to Lisbon, our road to the Eurovision Song Contest. Feel free to share, like and comment with things you’d like to know more about. This is for you…And maybe for both of our grandchildren some day? :-)


It is now three weeks ago that we won the Swiss national selection for the ESC and are still so humbled by the fact that we get to represent Switzerland in May. Thank you to everyone who voted, watched and rooted for us (our sister currently holds the record with 300 votes). 

Every day since has been filled with Skype meetings, planning, rehearsing, location scouting (for our video shoot – stay tuned!), frantic coffee drinking, positive manifestations at 2am and more meetings, meetings, meetings...

on the run

We are not complaining at all, but we do realize now that we didn’t fully understand the amount of work that goes into standing on that Eurovision stage. That’s what’s so fun about our lives; We do things. We think – hey, this’ll be fun. Then we face reality. And then more often than not…it turnes out just as we imagined. So, here’s to this journey and to sharing it with you.

Next week we will be writing all about our video shoot and share the first exclusive photos right here.

ZIBBZ & Team

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