Hi lovely Zibbzterz!

Where to start this final ESC blog? We all know how this story began and how it unfolded. We know the protagonists...we know the side characters and we know the locations of every step of the story. And we know what happened in the “end”. But the thing is…this is not the end. Simply the end of a chapter. A pretty good chapter at that.

The day of the show was incredible. Walking into the Arena felt different that day… there was something in the air. Tension? Maybe… Nerves? Maybe… but it felt mostly like a steaming hot pot of creativeness. We were in a big hall filled with ARTISTS getting ready to bare their souls in front of millions of people. It was magical. And a tad scary. Everything went pretty much as planned that day. We prepared the way we usually do and we got ready, with our amazing team right by our side and then…then it was time to go into the backstage area of the actual arena. Time to get wired with in-ears, to check the mics one last time, to check the mic stands one last time…and then we walked on stage.

We had rehearsed the full show about 8 times at this point but this time was completely different. So many years of work, perfecting ourselves, our craft and our music came down to this moment. Being aware that anyone we had ever known along with over 50 Million people who will be watching and any future career possibilites might be defined by this moment, we looked at eachother, smiled and decided - lets just enjoy the hell out of it! 

At that second the nerves left and we really just soaked it all in, looked (really looked) at the audience, felt the lights, the fire within and let the music take over. 

sidenote: As we walked onto stage we realized Coco's drumstick wasn't in position.. THANK GOD Stee had a spare one hidden in his drumset!

Next we walked off stage, hugged our team and into the green room with a confident feeling of relief. We were all proud of what we achieved, and we felt SO GOOD about it. It was high time for some white wine and beers and to hug all of our amazing friends that were already in the green room.

What happened after we all know…yes we did NOT make it into the final. It was a weird feeling standing there and waiting to hear the results, wanting to celebrate all of our friends getting through while still hoping that one of the leftover spots will be filled by us. When it was over, and they announced the last spot it hurt. It did. I mean there’s no way around it. Nobody likes not “succeeding” or feeling like they didn’t succeed. We were sad and we may even have shed a tear or two with some of our other friends that didn’t make it either. And some of us may or may not have eaten entire bars of chocolate. (Coco) :)

It was a mixture of emotions and we didnt really know how to feel ☺ It wasn’t a bad night. It also wasn’t a good night. It was a GREAT night. Think about it. We got to perform in front of soooo many people in a fantastic arena, with a fantastic crew and then we got to see our family. If that’s not a great night, then I don’t know what is. Its just a shame it was all measured by points and ranks. Because overall we all got to compete in the olympics and thats PRETTY FUCKING AMAZING!! There is one big feeling that remains; GRATEFULNESS. We are so grateful for this experience and all there is left to say is simply THANK YOU. To all of you who made this adventure possible!

AND as u know us by now, we were never going to just pack up and leave our friends to party alone. We wanted to stay to support the other contestants that did make it through, to support and celebrate them. Plus, getting to see Lisbon with our families was also a very nice side effect. 

Now that we are back home the world keeps turning and we keep working. We had a lot of mails to answer, admin to do (helloooo taxes you are SO fun!!) and thanks to all of you we had tons of merch to send out. Speaking of which, we updated our merch and have even more things for you to get online so check it outttt!



And more importantly; we have a ton of shows to prepare for. Shows that we are playing in Switzerland, Germany…and maybe other places? Who knows ☺ Stay tuned and we cannot wait to start writing our next chapter with you all. 

We promise to make it another good one.

We thank you, we love you.
Your Zibbz & Team

(Ps: if you can't get enough: this V-LOG may help processing the entire ESC-ADVENTURE a bit.... enjoy!)

this blog is written by SabrinaKern