Yes, we just touched down in Portugal and we are already feeling the ESC vibes in the air. We are excited, happy and a little nervous. But first, let us update you on our past week. 

As you probably know, last week we travelled to Madrid for our last ESC pre-show. Upon arrival in Spain we checked into a great, artsy hotel. We were among the first guests to ever stay there, it was modern and full of instruments everywhere we turned. 

Although we do enjoy a very healthy lifestyle, we won’t say no to a good drink, especially if it’s made in Spain.. so we joined the other artists for welcome-drinks followed by the press conference and then off to the welcome party, which felt more like a family reunion. Seeing all the other artists again is always a happy moment in our books, but the setup felt a little strange to us, since we were divided from the fans and community and had food while they didn’t get anything. Secretly, we wished it could have been one big picnic. Overall it was a fantastic evening and we ended up staying awake and talking with the other artist until the early hours.


The next day was show day! Let me tell you guys…this red carpet was quite long. About 40 mins. Probably the longest red carpet we’ve ever walked. Now…from what we hear, last year’s ESC red carpet lasted THREE hours so I think Madrid is prepping us for the Marathon. No runner just runs a marathon without running a few long-distance runs first, right? Well we are similarly prepping for our ESC Marathon this month. Our only question is, will there be snacks and drinks for us too? You know how they give away protein bars and waters along the way on a Marathon? Do they do that for us on the ESC red carpet? Asking for a friend. Only partly kidding.

The BEST thing about the Madrid red carpet was the outside where we got to meet you beautiful people!! The fact that you guys know our song and sing along or sing it TO us on the red carpet is still such an amazing and humbling experience. THANK YOU!!

Also, thanx to Mikolas Josef (Chech Republic) I finally got to wear my yellow dress on the carpet... that boy has got ironing skills! (I guess you ll have to check our insta channel for the full story)

After the red carpet we were so ready to eat. I mean READY. Probably because there weren’t any protein bars along the way. Just saying. We were all a bit hangry by that point but infinitely happy when we got to quickly fuel up before the show...and what a show it was!! We still get goosebumps looking at the videos. The energy that everybody brought was killer and you all sang your hearts out. Again, we can’t thank you enough!! 

This time, Stee actually played more than one song because he subbed as a drummer for the Humans (Romania)! Collaborating with other artists is one of the single best things about being a musician. 

And yes we did jump into the locked down hotel pool with Ari & Miki that night. (photo can be found somewhere on Ari’s insta story)

Overall it was another great weekend with great People!!

In Switzerland we had one full day to shoot a fun little video. Stones in 7 styles in 70 seconds. Stee produced the different music styles on the plane on the way home and Coco recorded vocals in a quick break from shows and interviews at the beginning of the month as well. As you have probably been able to tell…we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love being creative and having a laugh. We hope you enjoye it! Shout out to our trusted makeup artist Manuela Keller for helping with this shoot. She’s been with us on this ESC journey in the beginning at the national selection and is now a part of our core team in Lisbon. It’s great to have talented friends!!

The rest of the week consistent of a radio tour in Switzerland and even though, yes, our country is pretty small, it still filled up our schedule pretty quickly. Doing radio tours is obviously always great because they then play our songs at all the different stations. We know a bunch of the radio hosts from earlier years, (album releases & parties) which means interviews felt more like an easy conversation with and old buddy.


This is the official end of the pre-show month and the beginning of the actual Eurovision Song Contest. It’s been a ride and we are eagerly looking forward to everything that’s coming now. We are ready to run this marathon. The best part about this whole thing has been the support from our lovely fans. We LOVE seeing new Zibbz fanpages come up on Instagram, your HILARIOUS memes, your sweet messages, we love and appreciate it all. Thank you thank you and we will continue to watch out for you guys.

We will be posting the daily madness on our Insta so make sure to follow us there!

Until next week,

Zibbz & Team

this blog is written by SabrinaKern